Pave the Day to the rescue!

Pave the Day to the rescue!


Millions of Maryland homeowners and business property owners alike make the decision to add new pavement to their locations every year. But because this is not a yearly occurrence for most, many people do not know what to expect and anticipate when adding new paving to their driveway, lot or road. This is why Pave the Day exists. We’re here to act as a guide to letting you know what is out there in the world of paving, or shall we say, state of paving here in Maryland.

The time is now in Columbia: perfect timing for new driveways as  the prosperous suburb continues to flourish

If you live in Columbia or have driven through it in the last year, you are probably noticing constant changes. That is because Columbia is truly trying to have the appeal of cities closer to the DC are, such as Bethesda and Rockville. It is working hard to create a “city center”-centric suburb. Next to the mall, you will see new high rise condos being built and even a bike path the stretches a long 175. With the constant construction of new buildings and homes, it should not be a surprise that anyone here would be searching for the best of numerous paving companies. Driveway resurfacing is in high demand here, as are asphalt contractors. If you are in need of a driveway or lot makeover in this booming city, then we have some tips for you. Read more >>

Some people think Frederick is fast becoming a city-suburb hub of the north… but, it already is

Frederick is continually regarded by many as one of the most aesthetically appealing cities in the state. It might seem a little out of the way and entering farmland, but it has both a city and homely charm all at once. It keeps rising in population and homeowner appeal. Concrete contractors and asphalt sealers are always being called upon here. So if you are one of many who is making that call, check out these guidelines for you. Read more >>


Towson… The big little town will save you money for your paving repair

One of the most populated cities in Maryland is Towson. Many of the states’ suburbs and towns get lumped in with being in the greater Baltimore area, and although Towson is close, it is definitely its own neck of the woods. This well developed city always has streets and residential homes that are aesthetically pleasing, as well as high rise condos and apartments. Towson really has everything. So whether you are looking for a paving makeover to your residential space or business property, here are the top tips for finding a contractor in Towson. Read more >>