Paving Company Towson

Paving Company Towson

How to hire the best Towson MD paving companies and contractors

Concrete paved driveways is of course a classic material, while asphalt paving is gaining more and more ground due to its affordability. But the problem with getting the right company for the job is that unlike other goods and services one purchases, a new driveway is not purchased everyday. Thus, many do not know what goes into determining whether or not the contractors they go with will do a job that stands the test of time… and the test of time in paving is between 20-30 years! So from discovering whether you have a licensed building contractor or not, to getting the best company for a masonry job, we have good guidance for you.

Inspect to expect

It is really important that you are familiar with the process of re-doing a driveway. Particularly for an asphalt remodel, there are different preparations involved compared to concrete. Asphalt pavers have to first remove a top layer of clay or topsoil and add a new layer of gravel and stone. Once this is done, the contractor can apply two layers of the asphalt as a hot mix. It is imperative to know details such as these because when you are shopping around for different companies, you want to have an idea of what the process will entail in order for you to know what you’re talking about.

a licensed contractor at work in Towson MD

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Name a price

Naturally, everyone is looking for the most affordable Bethesda paving company that will complete the job efficiently. We suggest to get at least 4-5 quotes. This is clever because the more companies you speak with, the more you will understand what are the necessary questions to ask and what are the essential points to bring up. As much as it is about finding the best price, it is just as much about understanding what you are paying for. Getting numerous quotes is also god because you can compare it to what other people you know have paid. You can speak to your friends, family and colleagues. You can find out if they received good paving for a similar or dissimilar price, or on the contrary, bad paving that they were not happy with.

Legitimacy of a company

You can search online and through paper directories as well to find companies, however you should keep in mind that all companies will try to list themselves in these directories. So you need to rely on more information than that. Observing which companies have strong, consistent reviews on websites like Google and Yelp can be really helpful to your decision making process. Legitimate companies will also have insurance and be held by bond so that you are not held accountable for any of their mistakes or errors. These companies that take this extra step also most-likely have an updated license as well. This is important because it shows that the company has modern and up-to-date equipment and materials. If a company does not have an updated license, it might be a sign that they are not a reliable company and trying to cut costs.

Do Your Part

Having your driveway repaved is not a one way street. You have a role in making sure the job is done correctly. It is advisable to have a sketch of your property and the driveway path. This helps you have control of the job even though you are not physically doing it. This will ensure that the contractors stick to the task at hand and you both always have this sketch to refer to as a reference.